Pool Filter Cleaning

Your filter is one of the most important, and often overlooked, parts of your swimming pool. Without a clean and operational filter, it doesn’t take long for your pool to start falling apart.

The good news is that having your pool filter professionally cleaned and serviced is fast, easy, and affordable.

At All Weather Pool Service, we service all kinds of pool filters, including cartridge pool filters and D.E. Pool Filters.

Why Is It Important to Keep Your Pool Filter Clean?

Keeping your pool filter clean is crucial for several reasons.

  1. A clean filter ensures the water remains safe and healthy for swimmers by removing contaminants like debris, leaves, and algae, preventing waterborne illnesses. It can also help with water clarity and overall water quality.
  2. A clogged filter strains the pool’s circulation system, leading to decreased efficiency and potentially costly repairs.
  3. Maintaining your filter also extends its lifespan, saving you money in the long run.
  4. An efficiently operating filter consumes less energy, which means lower utility bills.

Cartridge Pool Filter Cleaning

1. Disassemble the filter and detach the manifold and cartridges.
2. Thoroughly rinse each cartridge with a hose and carefully examine them for cracks, damaged bands, or loose connections.
3. Remove the drain plug from the filter tank, empty it, and rinse it if required.
4. Reinstall the cartridges into the filter and reattach the manifold.
5. Inspect the O-rings for wear and apply lubrication as needed.
6. Reassemble the filter and securely fasten the tank clamp.
7. Prime the pump and purge any air from the filter system.
8. Carefully inspect the entire setup for any signs of leaks.

Cartridge based pool filter

D.E. Pool Filter Cleaning

1. Begin by dismantling the filter and carefully removing the grid cluster.
2. Place the grids upright against a fence or wall, then thoroughly hose off both sides and rinse the manifold.
3. Examine each grid and the manifold closely for any signs of tears, cracks, or malfunctions.
4. Take out the drain plug from the filter tank, empty it, and rinse if necessary.
5. Reassemble the grid cluster and reinsert it into the filter.
6. Ensure you check and apply lubrication to the O-rings as needed.
7. Reconstruct the filter, securing it tightly with the tank clamp.
8. Prime the pump, remove any trapped air from the filter, and meticulously inspect for any leaks.
9. Finally, introduce fresh D.E. powder through the skimmer for optimal filtration.

DE pool filter cleaning before and after in Clovis, CA

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