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Everyone enjoys swimming in the backyard pool to cool off on a hot day or just hang out and relax. But, not everyone who owns a pool likes to do all the things necessary to keep it clean and healthy – tasks like testing and chemically treating the water for comfortable and safe swimming conditions, cleaning the filter, brushing the tile and walls, cleaning out the leaves and debris, and making certain that all the pool equipment is in good working order.

Here at All Weather Pool Service we can take care of all of these tasks and leave you to enjoy your swimming pool. We offer affordable and reliable weekly pool cleaning service and swimming pool maintenance throughout Clovis and Northern Fresno, so help is never far away. Our friendly techs will help you pick the perfect swimming pool service for your needs, so you can sit back and actually enjoy your pool. If you are ready to stop worrying about your pool and let your pool cleaner handle it all, you’re in the right place! Call us any time to learn more, or to schedule your first service.

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PCC-R Certified
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“Grant has been maintaining my pool for the past 2 years and I couldn’t be more pleased. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable and responsive, but he’s also an excellent communicator. He recently installed the Pentair system for me, allowing for remote control of my pool features. Highly recommended!”

– Mohammad Razavi

Why Call Us for your Pool Cleaning Needs?

Dependable Service

The biggest thing that sets us apart is right in the name. When you call us for your swimming pool cleaning and maintenance needs, we’ll be there every week, rain or shine. Our services are so dependable and affordable that it’s easy to forget about us altogether.

More Frequent Checkups

By offering weekly service instead of bi-weekly or monthly service, we can also monitor your swimming pool’s condition and chlorine levels more accurately. That means we can use fewer chemicals to maintain you pool, which means less chlorine smell, fewer stinging eyes, and higher quality pool water.

Service on Your Terms

From chemical and basket service to full service pool and spa maintenance, we have several plans to fit your unique needs. Our technicians also offer one-time clean ups for neglected swimming pools and pool filtration cleaning.

Fully Equipped & Prepared

Our team is fully equipped to deal with virtually any pool maintenance issue you’ll find in Fresno–period. We continually train our staff on new equipment and technology to provide faster and more reliable service.

All Weather Pool Service truck parked in Fresno with pool chemicals, skimmer, pool vacuum, and other equipment.

Please note: we service pools throughout northern Fresno and Clovis. We do not service hot tubs, commercial pools, or southern Fresno.

We only use tried and tested pool chemicals that have been in popular use for years. We don’t put any chemicals in your pool that we couldn’t put in our own.

Yes! Whether you call us a pool service company, a pool cleaning business, or pool maintenance technicians, it’s essentially the same service.

Yes, we offer vacuuming and skimming for above ground and inground pools.

We offer multiple service packages that can include cleaning your pool pump basket, pool chemical treatment, algae prevention, brushing your liner, cleaning your pool cover, removing algae from your plaster, and more. We’ll do whatever it takes to leave it sparkling, just like a brand new pool!

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While we cover some elements of pool repair, the short answer is no.

Pool maintenance is the best way to avoid repairs by catching small issues before they turn into big problems. Depending on your exact issue, we may also be able to recommend a pool repair company to help.

Sorry, we do not service any kind of interior bathtub.

Without proper chlorination and other chemicals, you could have a green pool! Balancing alkalinity with base helps prevent algae growth and the spread of some truly dangerous microbes, including E Coli. That’s why proper chemical treatment and regular water testing is crucial for pool safety.

“Proactive pool care is the best recipe for an algae-free pool.”

– Grant Weathers, Owner

Grant Weathers the owner

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